About Us

At Arcform, we sweat the details. Our purpose is to bring fine-tuned tools to human hands. We combine the drive of the designer and the mastery of the machinist. We collaborate with the best creatives in the industry. Our focus on design creates a disciplined product built for your lifestyle.

Arcform is driven by well-designed knives that are built to last. We pride ourselves in the quality and craftsmanship of each knife that reaches a consumer. We're comfortable with the needs of the knife community and are set on delivering.


The Arcform brand was built on a high appreciation for clean lines. The intricate "Arcs and Forms" of knives are what we live for. Rest assured knowing the Arcform name isn't attached with anything that isn't worthy of your time and attention.

Company Values

  • Empowered - Our products inspire vibrant life adventures. We empower individuals as they carve out their personal life story.
  • Modern - We're new school and proud of it. We're trend setters and talent hounds cutting trail where others won't go.
  • Human - We build products with soul. And we give them life through story.

  • Products

    Arcform products are premium. You're not buying a knife built by cutting corners. That's not what we're about. Every product is made to exceed your expectations and keep the Arcform name on an upward trend.