Geoff Blauvelt

Geoff is a true craftsman with an eye for clean lines, outstanding materials and premium execution. His background in traditional art became the foundation for building custom knives with soul. Early on, he cut his teeth disassembling thousands of knives and modifying them to his liking. This passion for improvement naturally evolved into designing and building his own custom knives, and when his first customs hit retailers in 2012, they sold out in minutes. Since then, his custom game has continued climbing and the secondary market has responded by making it highly difficult to find his work.


At ARCFORM, we are pleased to bring Geoff's Slimfoot design to the market in a production knife that is true to the designer's custom. It's built with premium materials and embodies the spirit of precision hand tools.

The Slimfoot design is a standout with stunning lines and clean geometry. Geoff's vision was to create a gentleman's utility folder that was both slim and robust-- one that the owner could put through its paces in the day, then carry to a black tie party at night. The Slimfoot is an EDC knife for any occasion.